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We understand that sometimes everyone needs a little encouragement and motivation to go to the gym – whether you're new to training or an expert. At times it's difficult to pick the right exercises. This is why we have designed our digital training system, to help make this decision just a little bit easier. fitnessWus is a site built specifically to support your training at Fitness First. It gives you really personalised workouts, hundreds of exercises and valuable articles in all fitness related spectrum.

Our weight loss programs have a 100% success rate. Our meal plans comprise of the very basic concepts of weight loss which include increasing your metabolism and also placing checks and balances on caloric intake. Hopefully it comes as no surprise to you that it is important to eat multiple meals a day (every 2 – 3 hours) but the true task is not only designing a plan to lose weight but more importantly designing a meal plan that focuses on future maintenance at your ideal weight.

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What Is Your Entry Level

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General Health Diet

Beginner Level

Fitness and diet information is ridiculously confusing...make that incredibly frustrating. Sometimes it's not about getting abs or packing on slabs of muscle. You just want to feel better, stay healthy, and live the type of life you want. That's why we put together this guide. In reality, it's more like a course. Each week we'll send you information specific to your goal, so that you can make sense of all the information on the web. Want to be smart so you can live better?

Fat Loss Diet

Begginer Level

Consider this your ultimate starter guide:
A virtual coach, tips on realistic fat loss strategies, and some much needed clarity on what to your body needs and—more importantly—what it doesn't.
You'll receive sample meal plans, suggestions on how many meals to eat per day, ways to add dessert into any diet, and even the truth about artificial sweeteners, organic foods, and why you struggle with hunger.

Fat Loss Diet

Intermediate Level

This isn't "fat loss made simple." You're telling me you know the basics, so we're not going to waste time going over the obvious.
This is for you if you're ready to take the next step, work hard, and upgrade to shredded. We're going to dig into specific macros and percentages, take a deeper look at any nutrient timing considerations, and consider everything from low carbs to protein sources. This is your advanced master class in fat loss.

Fat Loss Exercise

Beginner Level

The hardest part of any fitness plan? Finding the right place to start, and for that we've got you covered. In this 4-week plan you'll receive workouts, diet templates, supplement recommendations, and enough information to prevent you from being confused by all the information on the internet. We'll even discuss confusing topics like dessert, artificial sweeteners, and eating organic foods.

Fat Loss Exercise

Intermediate Level

If there's one thing I know it's this: not all workouts are created equal. While diet plays an important role in anything you do (and don't worry, we've included diet help too), your training will heavily influence your ability to shed fat and maintain muscle. You'll be receiving a new workout every week for 4 weeks, and we'll be providing other tips—everything from cardio considerations to pre- and post-workout meals.

Muscle Diet

Begginer Level

Meal plans. Cheat days. Supplements. BS claims. Recommended macros. Protein guides. Carb guides. Nutrient timing. Whew. And that's only the first few lessons. We've packed everything you need to pack on new size (with as little fat as possible), while simplifying the entire questions. Any questions? Don't worry, we've got answers. It is fully customize for your needs and physical condition - but mostly to your goals.



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